President Message

Brothers and Friends,

In case you haven’t heard, Theta is back at Purdue!
With the help of the Theta Xi national office and a dedicated group of alumni, Theta Xi recolonized at Purdue in 2016.  This past summer, the National Convention accepted our petition to re-charter the Theta Chapter at Purdue.
We will be holding a special re-chartering event on Saturday, October 27, 2018, which will include:
* a visit with our Brother Herbert early Saturday morning
* a formal re-chartering ceremony in the afternoon
* a celebratory banquet at The Trails on Saturday evening
Over the past months, I have had the chance to meet our undergraduate brothers and they are a remarkable group.   There are currently 25 actives, with a large class of new Associate members this fall.   For each of the last four semesters, the undergraduates have been at or near the top of all Purdue fraternities in academic achievement.   But most importantly, they are a terrific group of young men, who we are proud to call brothers.
Together with the undergraduates, the Theta Alumni Association has big plans for the upcoming year:
* We are tailgating before each home football game in Lot W, located along Stadium Avenue across the street from the Slayter Center.
* In addition to the October 27 re-chartering event, we are looking for ways to support the undergraduate chapter and connect with Theta alumni (plans for a Grand Prix car are in the early stages).
If you are one of the many alumni who has labored ceaselessly since 2006 to bring Theta Xi back to Purdue, let me say THANK YOU.   If you are like me, and have read the Unicorn magazine or had ocassional conversations with brothers through the years, this is the perfect time to re-connect with your Theta brothers.    Life is full of commitments to family and work, but Theta Xi is something special that enriches our lives with lasting friendships and tradition.  Sharing those traditiions with new generations of well-loved friends and brothers on the Purdue campus is genuinely satisfying.
We will kicking off a Theta Alumni association membership drive in the coming weeks, and will be doing our best to reach out to you and re-connnect, but feel free to contact us as well.
Let me thank brothers Wilson and Reap for their work on this new-look Theta alumni association site.  Going forward, we are committed to making this site your best source of information about Theta Alumni activities.  There are also Facebook pages (one for brothers only, and one for alumni and friends), and LinkedIn group, that we post events to.
It’s a great time to be a Theta!
Brian Woerner, Theta 1227